Functions and features

Everything from one source: You concentrate on your business, AbaNinja organizes your office and your fiduciary handles your accounting, upon request.

Invoices and Offers

Create & Send

Create and send invoices and offers.

Offer to invoice

Convert accepted offers into invoices.

ZUGFeRD standard

Automatic processing of all sent invoices by the recipient using the ZUGFeRD format (Central user guide to the German Forum on Electronic Invoicing).

Automatic dispatch

Automatic dispatch of recurring invoices and reminders.

Stay informed

You will be notified when payments are received or due, and much more.

Credit notes

Issue credit notes with AbaNinja.

Customer administration

Address management

Manage addresses and contacts and optimise customer retention.


Categorize your addresses.

Overview for the customer

The customer portal with its own dashboard for an overview of offers, invoices or payments.

Product base

Your products

Manage your products clearly.

Product groups

Organize product categories

Efficiently enter/book customer payments.

Receivables management

Improve your liquidity thanks to integrated payment possibilities.

Payment possibilities

Credit cards, Bitcoin, Paypal or manually – the customer chooses the preferred method.


Manual payment matching

Always informed

Easy-to-read dashboard for your finances.

Accounting with the fiduciary

Accounting with the fiduciary

Complete your accounting even without prior accounting knowledge through your fiduciary.

Automatic entry

Forward every invoice directly to your fiduciary for automatic entry in your accounting.


Balance sheets, income statements, year-end closings – your fiduciary can handle all this upon request.


Allow your fiduciary direct access to AbaNinja.

Division of labour

You decide which tasks you will complete yourself and which your fiduciary will take over.

Accounting without fiduciary


Manage your accounting comfortably via AbaWeb! Complete your closings, balance sheets and VAT settlements easily online.

Automatic booking

Every invoice from AbaNinja is automatically booked in your AbaWeb accounting with the help of an adaptive system.

Signed original documents

Every automatically booked invoice from AbaNinja is transmitted with the original signed document included.


The AbaWeb solution can be flexibly adapted to the changing needs of your company at any time. Payroll, Time-entry – you define the scope.

Real-time data, multi-user-access, multiple companies, etc.

Real-time information

Dashboard up-to-date information regarding sales, invoices and products.


Various languages available: German, French, Italian and English.


Simultaneous access for multiple users.


Create trust in your brand: Use your logo.

Design templates

Various templates for your invoices and e-mails.


Bank connection

Your direct line to the bank: Save time and maintain an overview of payments and receipts.


Do you want to use AbaNinja free of charge?

Open an account and work directly with AbaNinja: Create invoices, send payment reminders or manage products.

Your fiduciary or partner for AbaNinja

Your partner makes the hosting available and your fiduciary takes over your accounting, if requested: Synchronize your invoices and information automatically with the fiduciary or with AbaWeb accounting.